The Washington Times - August 21, 2011, 01:33PM




“I’m not sure I see the connection between Martin Luther King and states rights. In my mind Martin Luther King was very much about the federal government being fair to everyone. States rights are about imposing rules on some.”

Sun King Davis, actor, Southwest






“I’m happy [Martin Luther King Jr.] has this platform to begin with. This man struggled to fight for everyone. He struggled for peace. There should be no confrontation about it.”

Pamela Green, cashier, Capitol Hill






“They’re separate issues, but I think we should address [state rights] now. It takes one person to mess things up, but if everyone is involved we can get something done.”

Kenneth Grant, Capitol Hill, on disability







“To make it ‘The issue’ doesn’t make sense, but we’re also talking about somebody who was a celebrity for his work on equality. We need to be careful about taking every platform to address the issues that are important to us, rather than what’s supposed to be honored.”

Steve MacInnes, Arlington, woodworker