The Washington Times - August 7, 2011, 01:32PM



“Genes are about 40 percent and the rest is nurture. A lot of it is eating habits and exercise. Genes give you a basic constitution and propensity for things like exercise. But how you’re raised is how you decide what is good for eating.”

Sue Crommelin, Norfolk, Va., Episcopal priest







“I’ve got relatives who are living way past 80 who smoke cigarettes and drink, and I’ve had friends who’ve died off in their 50s. Some stuff is hereditary, but it can if you’re eating healthy.”

Sean Williams, Southwest, painter






“Absolutely nurture. I don’t take any [medicine] and I keep my cholesterol down, but I have to work at it.”

Diana Bechiolli, Capitol Hill, retired







“I think it’s a combination of both. You are what you eat so you need to be selective in your diet. With genetics we’re all going to have something … but you can try to be more aware of it.”

Emmett Guy, Southeast, delivery man