The Washington Times - July 10, 2011, 01:20PM

Through the first half of the year, Prince George’s County recorded more homicides than the District.




“That’s because you’re taking a lot of people who are downtrodden in D.C. and shipping them out to Prince George’s County. But poverty still follows people and where poverty is, crime’s gonna follow.”

— Joseph Harris, Silver Spring, welder








“That’s ironic and surprising. It’s less expensive to live in the suburbs, but maybe the economy is pushing people out there. We’ve got to figure out if there’s a reason for that or not.”

— Becca Goodstein, Adams Morgan, sales





“It’s an absolute shame regardless of what area we’re in. What I’ve heard is that a lot of programs for the poor, specifically with housing in the District area, has changed and folks who are homeless or less fortunate have moved to a different area. That area happens to be Prince George’s County.”

— Jeffrey Washington, Bowie, contract specialist







“It’s sad we even have to compare homicides in various jurisdictions.”

— Lynn Rivers, Springfield, transportation