The Washington Times - July 15, 2011, 12:30PM





“It’s the police’s job, not firefighters. What can they do? With someone unarmed it’s just as good as walking by yourself. They’d have a better chance if a uniformed police officers was with them.”
Sheila Pervard, Northeast, cook









“They’re not trained, not armed. I don’t think it’s necessarily the brightest thought, but if it helps, I suppose it’s ok. I’m all for repurposing stuff to fill a void, but they’re not trained to do that job.”
Linda White, Alexandria, librarian







“If they’re not armed how can you prevent someone from mugging someone? With the police they can call with their radio. To me it’s a no-win situation unless there’s police around.”
Robert Curtis, Capitol Heights, landscaper







“I wouldn’t want it to be your house on fire and they’re missing one guy. Someone [planning on a crime] doesn’t care if you have on a uniform. But I can see merits to both sides, so I hope they can bring this to a resolution.”
Brian Stiglmeier, northeast, librarian