The Washington Times - October 2, 2011, 01:45PM

A 2010 survey shows D.C. 8th-graders largely are struggling with reading, 10 percent have attempted suicide and 30 percent have engaged in sexual intercourse. What’s up that?





“Just to have that thought fly through their mind is kind of unbelievable. I can’t imagine at that age me or any kid I knew at the time thinking about it. Suicide would be the last thing on my list.”

Grover Batts, 87, retired, Capitol Hill







“It’s sad, real sad. But it’s based on the current way kids are raised. If they are raised to be kids, they’ll be kids, they’ll do what they do and there will be no problem.”

Gregory Brown, 49, disabled, Southeast







“I think it’s amazing [that] any developed economy has such low literacy rates. It’s shocking.”

Simon Hinson-Jones, 55, artist and bed and breakfast owner, Capitol Hill






“There seems to be a curse on middle schools, and it seems like elementary schools are being revivified. Something needs to be done.”

Susan Borchardt, 63, gardening business owner, Capitol Hill