The Washington Times - October 9, 2011, 03:47PM

There are anti-corporate and government greed protests occurring across the country. What’s up with that?






“The movement is wide and has a broad direction that together we’re here to make a better world.”
C.J. Minster, 33, Los Angeles, organizer with Code Pink







“Generally speaking I support all free people’s right to express themselves.”
Juan Carlos Reyes, 43, Warrenton, Va., unemployed









“Anti-corporate greed is where the distinction comes in. We need a government for coordination, no question.”
Dave Taylor, 64, Beaufort, N.C., carpenter









“I cannot predict what’s going to happen. I’m personally not anti-government at all. You want a government that represents and works for you.”
Maria Allwine, 58, Baltimore, volunteer coordinator and organizer of the group October2011