The Washington Times - July 27, 2009, 09:59AM

You wouldn’t know it from the Baltimore and D.C. area lacrosse powers, but the last couple months have featured a never-ending coaching carousel in the sport.

It’s not so much the quantity (five changes, while a lot in a relatively stable sport, would be like 10 in major-college football or about 30 in college basketball).


It’s the chain reaction that was set off.

Denver, which parted ways with Jamie Munro, hired Bill Tierney from Princeton.

Princeton then hired Drexel’s Chris Bates.

Drexel then hired Penn’s Brian Voelker.

And Penn just dipped into the Division III ranks to hire Mike Murphy, whose name has popped up quite a bit this summer (including the Dartmouth gig, which went to Andy Towers).

It’s an interesting evolution in the sport.

When North Carolina hired away Joe Breschi from Ohio State last year, the Buckeyes promoted from within.

When Duke hired Hofstra’s John Danowski, the Pride went the assistant coach route with Seth Tierney.

There are examples of a chain of a couple schools, but it’s tough to remember something like this cascading on the Division I landscape. There’s certainly reasons for it —- athletic departments caring about the sport more and a larger supply of quality coaches among them —- but it was an interesting summer nonetheless.

What will be equally fascinating is to see whether there’s a similar game of dominoes played next year as well.

—- Patrick Stevens