The Washington Times - October 7, 2009, 11:14AM

Got a call this morning from a curious party trying to figure out when the last time Maryland had a 43-yard punt return, as Tony Logan had in Saturday’s victory.

That wasn’t too hard to cross-reference —- it turns out it was Oct. 28, 2006, when Danny Oquendo had a 45-yarder against Florida State.


But it also was a reminder to put up a Logan-related post, since coach Ralph Friedgen made it pretty clear he’s found someone to return punts after rotating through Kenny Tate, Anthony Wiseman and Logan early in the season.

“He will,” Friedgen said. “I thought he did a heck fo a job. I worry about ball security. His arms are all over the place. If he can make somebody miss and as long as he catches the ball, that’s definitely the way to go.”

Of course, Friedgen’s comments and this morning’s request really got me thinking about the longest punt returns of the Friedgen Era. It is, obviously, a Steve Suter-dominated list, but there was still some curiosity on my end.

So here it is: Maryland’s punt returns of 40 yards or more since 2001 (*-touchdown):

Suter, 2002, Akron, 81* Suter, 2002, @WVU, 80* Suter, 2002, Tennessee, 79 Suter, 2002, @UNC, 77*

Player Season  
Opponent Yards   
Steve Suter
2002 Akron 81*
Steve Suter
2002 at West Virginia
Steve Suter
2002 vs. Tennessee
Steve Suter
2002 at North Carolina  
Steve Suter
vs. West Virginia
Steve Suter
2003 The Citadel
Steve Suter
2002 @Duke 63*
Rich Parson
2003 @N.C. State
Danny Oquendo  
2006 Florida State
Tony Logan
2009 Clemson 43

So Logan checks in at 10th on the list, which would actually hold up if you stretch it back to at least 1998 (the limit to where my collection of data extends back). Not bad for a guy with 11 career punt return attempts.

—- Patrick Stevens