The Washington Times - November 12, 2012, 01:04PM

A bit belatedly, but nonetheless fully accounted for, it’s time for Maryland’s plus-minus chart from Friday’s 72-69 loss to Kentucky.

While it’s far from an end-all, be-all stat, it provides at least a slight window into how well a team plays when different players on the floor.


Certainly, it’s not always accurate. But it comes as little surprise that Alex Len and Seth Allen both had favorable plus-minus numbers in the opener.

Interestingly, the best plus-minus number of the first half belonged to senior James Padgett (-1), who was plenty effective (10 points, five rebounds) in his 22 minutes. Maryland could use more nights like that from the forward as the season unfolds.

When league play begins, the chart will expand to include a glimpse of a conference breakdown. But for now, these four columns should more than suffice:

Player vs. UK    
Per Min.   
0-Mitchell -3 -3 -0.19
2-Aronhalt -4 -4 -1.00
4-Allen +5 +5 0.25
5-Faust -4 -4 -0.15
10-Layman -1 -1 -0.09
12-Lipinski DNP
15-Barks DNP
21-Howard 0 0 0.00
24-Susskind DNP
25-Len +6 +6 0.19
32-Wells -9 -9 -0.31
35-Padgett +2 +2 0.09
44-Cleare -7 -7 -1.00

Patrick Stevens