The Washington Times - November 23, 2012, 04:12PM

Graduate student Logan Aronhalt came to Maryland with a reputation as a shooter from his days at Albany.

His outside shooting made him an appealing commodity, especially before the Terrapins added swingman Dez Wells a few months after Aronhalt’s summer arrival.


But with minutes scarce (31 through four games) and shots even harder to come by (nine), Aronhalt is probably in as tough a spot as anyone on Maryland’s roster at the moment.

“You can’t expect him to come in and make shots when he’s playing only five or six minutes,” Turgeon said.

Actually, through four games, here is the night-by-night rundown of Aronhalt’s minutes, shots and points:

KENTUCKY: 4 minutes, 0/1 FG, 0 points
MOREHEAD ST.: 13 minutes, 1/3 FG, 3 points
LONG ISLAND: 5 minutes, 1/2 FG, 3 points
LAFAYETTE: 9 minutes, 1/3 FG, 3 points

Yeah, that’s not going to permit Aronhalt to settle in at all.

In one sense, it’s a welcome conundrum for Turgeon. He has a guy who would have played 20-plus a minutes a year ago and can’t even get him half that this season.

At the same time, Aronhalt probably can’t provide optimal value on his greatest skill (his shooting) without more opportunities to get hot during games.

“It’s not fair —- he can’t get into it and I told him that,” Turgeon said. “He hit a big shot for us just before half [against Lafayette on Tuesday]. … The last two games he hasn’t had a chance to get into a flow at all. Right now, it’s unfortunate that the [role] he’s playing, he has to be a designated shooter. Hopefully, he can do some more before the season is out.”

—- Patrick Stevens