The Washington Times - October 29, 2012, 12:43PM

Maryland’s Nov. 10 game at Clemson —- like the rest of the ACC’s slate of games that day —- has drawn a six-day option from the conference’s television partners.

Kickoff time will not be announced until this weekend, though by noon on Sunday.


The television partners —- mainly ESPN —- have the right to invoke the six-day holds on four occasions during the season. Only one weekend has been affected by those decisions (the games of Sept. 29), so there can be six-day options used over each of the last three weekends of the season.

Bank on that happening. Think of it this way: There’s no reason for ESPN not to use something it is contractually obligated to receive.

In any case, the only hint of a game time provided for any ACC game that day is Notre Dame-Boston College, which will be a noon or an 8 p.m. kick.

—- Patrick Stevens