The Washington Times - March 4, 2009, 09:26PM

Maybe the Capitals should have added Alex Carpenter at the trading deadline.

In this case, the Alex stands for Alexandra, and the Carpenter stands for “Bobby Carpenter’s 14-year-old daughter.”


You remember Bobby, don’t you? Caps’ first-round pick, third overall, in the 1981 draft. First U.S. player to score 50 goals in a season when he had 53 in ’84-85. Left Washington in a huff in ’87, returned in less of a huff in ’92 (but stayed only a year).

Anyway, the oldest of his three kids, Alex, is a star hockey player at The Governor’s Academy in Massachusetts, the Boston Globe reports. A sophomore on the women’s varsity, she had 57 goals and 97 points in the first 26 games. (That’s right, she’s averaging about two goals and two assists a game.)

“She’s way ahead of people in her age group because of her understanding of the game,” says Ben Smith, USA Hockey’s head talent scout, who saw her play recently. “It’s interesting that her talent has been recognized, and [is] obvious, so early – just like her father. It’s uncanny the way she’s always in the right place at the right time, just like her father. She’s making a good first impression. Of course, there are miles to go before we sleep.”

Here’s the link to the story in the Globe if you want to read more:

– Dan Daly