The Washington Times - March 3, 2011, 04:44PM

Everybody and his barber have a theory about what’s wrong with Tiger Woods. In this month’s Esquire, Donald Sutherland, the erstwhile MASH surgeon, breaks out his scalpel – in a fabulous interview with Cal Fussman.

Practically everything Sutherland says in “What I’ve Learned” makes you laugh, cry or nod knowingly. So when he weighs in on Tiger, who’s beginning to gain on David Duval in the Lost Puppy rankings, you back up and read it again, because there’s definitely some truth there.


Here’s Sutherland take:

“Tiger had an easy life and a very hard life. A child prodigy – going through all that crap to please his father. Suffering through all the dilemmas, the contradictions. He made himself an angel, only he wasn’t an angel. Then came the humiliation of that angelic persona being shattered in front of him, being shattered by a woman with a 3-iron, and suddenly he’s cast out in the desert. And he can’t play golf. It’s not because he can’t play golf. It’s because he’s no longer the person who can play golf.”

It’s a continuing source of amazement to me that this brainy, criminally underrated actor has never won an Oscar. Heck, he deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award just for that sound bite on Tiger.