The Washington Times - November 30, 2012, 01:50PM


Much thanks to Charlie Pierce (@ESQPolitics) for his mention of my book about the early #NFL in his Esquire Blog. 


At the theater to see “Lincoln.” Feel like I’ve been standing in this refreshment line since 1865.


So which is the best on-probation team of all time, #OhioState‘12 (12-0), #Oklahoma ‘74 (11-0) or OU ‘73 (10-0-1)? #Buckeyes #Sooners

The pride of the ACC — Florida State and Clemson — lost at home by 11 and 10 today to SEC teams. The #Terps ain’t leaving Shangri-La.


Philip Roth: “Writing is … daily frustration, not to mention humiliation. It’s just like baseball: You fail two-thirds of the time.”


Just dawned on me: It’s Nov. 26, + neither of Ted Leonsis’ teams has won a game this season. #Caps #Wizards #ThingsThatWillNeverHappenAgain

Cam Newton had 2 TD passing and 2 TD rushing vs. the#Eagles. Only one #Redskins QB has had a game like that since ‘60: 

I mention this because #RG3 will do it sooner or later. But when he does, nobody will call him The Next Norm Snead. #Redskins #Eagles


If it makes the 4th + 29 #Chargers feel any better, the ‘42 #Lions gave up a 60-yard TD pass on 3rd + 34. In this game: 

You can’t look at these #Falcons throwback uniforms without thinking of Harmon Wages. (Well, I can’t, anyway.) #NFL


The #Saints were upset their bus got egged in Atlanta? Pottsville Maroons fans in ‘20s hurled chunks of coal at foes’ departing trains. #NFL

One opposing player said the Pullman cars got hit with so much coal, it sounded like a hail storm. Early days in #NFL were rugged. #Saints

When Johnny U’s 47-game TD streak ended, 1 of opposing QBs was named (Frank) Ryan. Brees’ 54-game streak also ended vs. a Ryan (Matt). #NFL