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Walking through Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans. Think I’ll head over to the Quiet Desperation Room. #Redskins


My one rule of the casino: If you see William H. Macy limping toward your table — run! #Redskins

Somehow I booked myself into the #Redskins‘ hotel in New Orleans. The biggest surprise: No SEAL team guarding the meeting rooms. #NFL

Here’s what’s really funny: The #Redskins are staying at a Marriott in the Big Easy, but they didn’t bring Sam Huff with them. #NFL

With today’s HR, Harper now 4 extra-base hits away from setting season record for teenager. Has 45. Ott (‘28)/Cavarretta (‘35) had 48. #Nats

Speaking of Bryce, his 18 HR have come with just 5 men on base. So they’ve produced a mere 23 runs. The worm has gotta turn. #Nats #MLB

Dept. of Statistical Oddities: Harper has driven in more base runners with his 7 triples (6) than with his 18 homers (5). #Nats #MLB

Take a look at Kurt Suzuki’s stats with the #Nats. They’re virtually identical to Wilson Ramos’ this season before he got hurt. Scary. #MLB


Saw a fan wearing an Archie Manning jersey outside the Superdome but, unfortunately, no Billy Kilmer #Saints jersey. #Redskins

The #Redskins lead the league in recent years in Incredibly Anticipated Season Openers (‘02/Spurrier, ‘04/Gibbs, ‘10/Shanahan, ‘12/#RG3).

Three incompletions, one tipped. Brees hasn’t set the bar very high for #RG3#Redskins #Saints

#Redskins‘ early game plan: Shotgun, throw laterally, don’t hold the ball long. #Saints #NFL

We might need to come up with a new stat for #RG3: Passes That Didn’t Cross the Line of Scrimmage. #Redskins #Saints

Jimmy Graham: So big, he’s open when he’s covered. Goes up high for a 20-yard TD catch. #Saints, 7-3. #Redskins

I know Fletcher used to play college basketball, but covering a 6-7 TE with a 5-10 LB doesn’t sound like the greatest idea. #Redskins #Saints

Somebody get Elias working on this: How many WR have caught a TD pass as long as 88 yards in their first quarter with a new team? #Redskins

After 2 straight false starts, I think the Superdome crowd is ready to put out a bounty on the #Saints#Redskins #NFL

Empty backfield on 3rd-and-6, #RG3 runs right. It’s a whole new world, #Redskins fans. #Saints

That’s the end of the first quarter. So far, the #Redskins are totally ignoring Ryan Zimmerman’s advice and AREN’T throwing to Fred Davis.

If you just let #RG3 sit back there and scope out his receivers, he’s gonna kill ya — as he did on that play. #Saints

The ol’ Fumble Rolling Out of the End Zone for a Touchback Play. I’m pretty sure Haslett called that. #Redskins #Saints #NFL

Little-known fact: The last two times the #Redskins have had a punt blocked for a TD, they’ve won the game (#Texans ‘02, #Bucs ‘89). #Saints

Here’s box score for #Texans game when they blocked a #Redskins punt for a TD:  And the #Bucs game: 

That wasn’t really a holding penalty on Fred Davis, it was an Attempted Blocking Penalty. #Redskins

QBs are going to get hit. You just don’t want to subject them to too many needless hits. The #Redskins are walking a fine line with #RG3.

This is the 5th time I’ve seen the #Redskins go up against Brees (Chargers ‘05, #Saints ‘06-08-09-12). Only once has he been really sharp.

#RG3 is 6th true rookie since ‘60 to throw for 250 yds in Week 1 (1st #NFL game) (Newton, Bradford, Sanchez, Peyton, Tarkenton). #Redskins

Before today, the most rushing yards (since ‘60) by a #Redskins rookie in Week 1 was 62 by Charley Taylor in 1964. Alfred Morris has 94.

#Redskins receivers today had a 20-yard catch. How many times has THAT happened? It didn’t when McNabb threw for 426 two years ago.

Passer ratings of the five rookie QBs in Week 1: #RG3 139.9, Wilson 62.5, Luck 52.9, Tannehill 39, Weeden 5.1. #Redskins #NFL

#RG3: 2 TD passes, 0 INTs. The other four rookie QBs: 2 TD passes, 11 INTs. #Redskins #NFL


#RG3 threw for 320 yards in his #NFL debut. Jurgensen had 10 games of 320+ with the #Redskins, Theismann 8, Rypien 7, Kilmer 1. #Baylor

You know that moment just before takeoff when you wonder if you’re on the right plane? Never an issue when surrounded by #Redskins jerseys.

This reviewer seemed to like my book about the #NFL‘s early years, “The National Forgotten League.” What a relief.

You know what I can’t believe? Answer: That Ray Lewis is still this good at this age. A marvel. #Ravens #Bengals #NFL


For all the talk about #RG3#Redskins had 4th-biggest rushing edge in Week 1 (153/32/+121). Top 3: Pats +142, Niners +141, Bucs +126. #NFL

John Harbaugh seems to bringing the #Ravens to an early boil. Here’s probably why: They play the #Patriots in Week 3. #NFL

Wish somebody kept track of stuff like: Most Yards Rushing in 1st Game Back After Tearing ACL. AP’s 84 has gotta rank up there. #Vikes #NFL

Only 3 rookie RBs since ‘60 have had more rushing attempts in Week 1 than Alfred Morris (28) did. The Top 10:  #Redskins

The most rushing attempts by a rookie in the season opener (since ‘60) was LT’s 36 vs. the #Redskins in 2001. The box:

Morris’ longest gain in those 28 rushes was 18 yds. Who can name the 4 #NFL RBs to rush for 1,000 yds in a season w/o a 20-yd gain? #Redskins

Answer: Allen ‘83 (1,014 yards/19 long), Harris ‘83 (1,007/19), Bettis ‘94 (1,025/19), James ‘06 (1,159, 18). #Redskins #NFL

#Redskins have had 3 TDs of 85+ yards in Shanny era. All 3 gave ‘em the lead (Garcon ‘12, 88-yd pass; Banks ‘10, 96 KO; Hall ‘10, 92 INT).

Here’s a famous #Redskins#Raiders game in ‘83.  Just realized it was special in another way. See next tweet. #NFL

Branch (35 yrs old) had 99-yd TD catch, Pruitt (32) 97-yard PR TD. They’re longest TDs of those types by players 30+. #Redskins #Raiders #NFL

Re: Bryce’s 1st 4-hit game. Griffey Jr. had one 4-hit game at 19. So did Conigliaro — vs. Senators. The box:  #Nats

Phil Cavarretta, meanwhile, had a 5-hit game at 19. Here’s that box:  #Nats #Cubs #MLB


Here’s the first excerpt of my book on the #NFL‘s early years (courtesy of Yahoo!’s ):  #Browns

Just think: Rudy is now part of #ACC lore. #NotreDame

Fearless prediction: If the #Redskins win Sunday to go to 2-0, somebody will figure out what their magic number is. Maybe me. #Nats #NFL


#Nats finished 1 game under .500 last year and 9.5 back in wild card race. #Dbacks are 1 game under and 4 back in battle for 2nd WC. #MLB

Author of The National Forgotten League @dandalyonsports talks about his favorite stories from the early days of #NFL 

After reading these (disputed) comments by Dr. Lewis Yocum, I’m hoping he fixed Lucas Giolito’s right arm and not his left one. #Nats

The longer this episode with Strasburg’s surgeon goes on, the more I hear in my head: “Paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard.” #Nats