The Washington Times - September 28, 2012, 12:48PM


The #Nats/Expos only other 20-game winner, Ross Grimsley (20-11, 1978), was just like Gio. It was his 1st year with the team, too.


Gio, of course, came over in the megatrade with the A’s. Grimsley jumped to Montreal from the #Orioles#Nats

Last 5 hurlers to win 20 games in 1st season after being acquired in trade: Gio ‘12, Halladay ‘10, Schilling ‘04, Ortiz ‘03, Kile ‘00. #Nats

The #Orioles and #RedSox go to the 12th. The O’s aren’t going to be done with the regular season in time for the playoffs. #MLB

If Gio can win 22, it would be as many as any pitcher in the last decade has had in a season — except for Verlander last year (24). #Nats

Is there anything more exciting than the Live Projected FedExCup Point Standings? OK, maybe the world curling championships. #PGATour

That’s 3 extra-inning wins in last 4 games for #Orioles (14 OT innings total). They’re like old-time boxers who fought to conclusion. #MLB

Spurrier’s QB at South Carolina, Connor Shaw, went 20 for 21 today. How come Ballcoach could never do that here? #Redskins


For you tech-y types, my book on the early #NFL, “The National Forgotten League,” is now available on Kindle. #Redskins

The only reason you should ever tweet about #Redskins‘ choice of attire is to say: “They’ve decided to go pantsless today. Just girdles.” #NFL

Wonder what the #NFL record is for longest TD pass on the first play of scrimmage by a player who isn’t a QB. #Bengals 7, #Redskins 0.

For the 2nd week in a row, the #Redskins D scores in the first few minutes of the game. Rob Jackson with an INT TD in the #Bengals EZ. 7-7.

So the #Bengals have scored a walk-in 73-yard TD and a walk-in 48-yard TD (the last one by WR Armon Binns). This is good defense? #Redskins

Let’s see … a WR pass (for a TD), a fake FG (failed) … You’d think there was some bad blood between Marvin Lewis and the #Redskins.

Nugent’s 47-yard FG makes it #Bengals 17, #Redskins offense 0, #Redskins defense 7. #NFL

Glad to see Williams back in #Redskins lineup after hurting knee because, well, Trent isn’t a guy you want to see w/ free time on his hands.

The hit we knew was coming one day has occurred. Carlos Dunlap levels #RG3 on option. Fumble. #Bengals ball. Griffin slow getting up. #Redskins

#RG3 just got knocked on his keister again on a flat pass. But I doubt he’d consider that hit “unprofessional.” #Redskins#Bengals

If you’re wondering when was the last time the #Redskins rallied from 14 down at the half to win — at home — the answer is 1987 (vs. NYG).

Here’s the box score from that #Redskins#Giants game in ‘87:  Giants were defending champs, Redskins champs to be.

In case you missed it, by the way, the #Bucs lead the #NFL in the all-important category of Kneel-Down Defense.

Repeat: When you have a mobile QB like #RG3, you’re never out of a game. 3-yard TD toss to Moss draws #Redskins even, 24-24. #Bengals #NFL

#Bengals in fake field goal territory again at the Washington 6. #Redskins

For the second time since 1955, the #Redskins have given up 30 points in each of the first 3 games. The other time: 2001 under Marty. #NFL

Love to know how many times the #Redskins have been burned in a game for 3 TD passes of 48+ yards (73, 48, 59). Get Elias on that, will ya?

If the #NFL had the 3 knockdown rule for QBs, #RG3 would have been KO’d 5 times already. #Redskins #Bengals

#Redskins have scored 99 points in their first 3 games. Only seasons in modern era they’ve scored more: 1991 and ‘99 (112), 1975 (100). #NFL


Norm Snead (1961) is the only other #Redskins QB since ‘60 to start the first 3 games as a rookie. (That is, a fresh-out-of-college one.)

Snead’s ‘61 stats thru 3 games: 37.9%, 488 yds, 3 TD, 5 INT, 44.6 rating. #RG3 thru 3: 67.4%, 747 yds, 4 TD, 1 INT, 103.5 rating. #Redskins

At his current pace, #RG3 will be sacked 48 times (3 games, 9 sacks). The #Redskins record is 49 (Trent Green, 1998). #NFL #Baylor

Also, #RG3 now has 209 rushing yards. At this pace, he’ll break #Redskins season mark for rushing yards by QB (314, Joe T., ‘84) in Week 5.

#RG3 has rushed for 82 and 85 yards the past two weeks. Those are the two highest totals for a QB in modern #Redskins history. #NFL #Baylor

The previous best rushing day by a #Redskins QB (since ‘60) was 65 yards by Ralph Guglielmi in this 1960 game:  #NFL

Sunday’s wasn’t even the longest first-play TD pass vs. #Redskins in the Shanahan era. #Eagles had 88-yarder (Vick/Jackson) in 2010. #NFL


Last time (before Sunday) #Redskins gave up 3 TD passes of 48+ yards in a game? 1986 vs. #Vikes. They won. Box: #NFL

Amazingly, #Redskins didn’t give up 3 48+-yd TD passes in 1962 game when Tittle threw for 505/7 TD. Scores measured 22, 5, 1, 53, 26, 63, 6.I

I ask you: How is this replacement ref business any different from Bring Your Child To Work Day? #NFL

Who knew the 2012 #NFL season was going to turn into a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial? #ReplacementRefs

#Giants LB Michael Boley has an INT in each of first 3 games. The season record for a LB is 8 (Last to do it: Stan White, ‘75 #Colts). #NFL

Three games into the #NFL season, 18 kickers have yet to miss a FG try (qualifiers only).

By the way, Matt Schaub set an #NFL record Sunday for Most TD Passes in a Game in Which the QB Also Lost Part of His Ear (4). #Texans

Which is more surprising, that Kyle Shanahan got fined $25K for unsportsmanlike conduct, or that he got penalized 20 yards for it? #Redskins


At start of spring training, who’d have guessed #Nats would have 4 20-HR men at this point, and none of ‘em would be Morse, Werth or Espi?

Harper 3 steals away from being youngest with 20 2B/20 HR/20 SB. Vada Pinson did it in ‘59 at 20/21, as did Mike Trout this year. #Nats #MLB

Of course, if Bryce doesn’t do it until next year, he’d still be the youngest. #Nats #MLB

FYI: With that dinger, Harper (19yo/20HR) joined Tony Conigliaro (19yo/24HR) as the only teens to hit more HR than their age. #Nats #MLB


Don’t forget, the #NFL‘s deal with the refs is “tentative.” That’s means the rank-and-file could still say, “Upon further review, bite us.”


To review: Harper has put the #Nats ahead 3 times the past 2 nights. At the age of 19. With the team trying to nail down the division. #MLB

#NASCAR should have one event a year where the drivers have to drive the entire distance with their elbow sticking out the window.

It could be the car-racing version of the Stableford System in golf. (Or something like that.) #NASCAR