The Washington Times - April 26, 2007, 12:02PM
In The States: New Polls Show Clinton Leading in FL, OH, PA, SC Heading Into First Debate\ \ \ The Democrats head into today’s debate in South Carolina with Hillary Clinton holding a consistent lead in the Democratic primary. Quinnipiac University released polls in the key swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania today showing Hillary with 20-point leads in the Democratic horse races, while three South Carolina polls out this week show Hillary ahead in the Palmetto State.\ \ \ IN FLORIDA:\ Hillary Clinton leads with 36 percent, Al Gore 15 percent, Barack Obama 13 percent and John Edwards at 11 percent.\ \ \ IN OHIO:\ Hillary Clinton leads with 37 percent, John Edwards 17 percent, Barack Obama 14 percent and Al Gore 11 percent.\ \ \ IN PENNSYLVANIA:\ Hillary Clinton leads with 36 percent, Al Gore 14 percent, Barack Obama 14 percent, John Edwards 13 percent.\ \ \ IN SOUTH CAROLINA:\ * The League of Conservation Voters poll has Hillary Clinton at 31 percent, Barack Obama at 27 percent and John Edwards at 16 percent.\ * The National Education Association puts Hillary Clinton ahead with 31 percent of the vote, compared with 28 percent for Obama and 21 percent for Edwards. Among African-American voters, Clinton leads with 40 percent, compared to 35 percent for Obama and 9 percent for Edwards. \ * The Zogby poll has Hillary Clinton at 33 percent, Barack Obama at 26 percent and John Edwards at 21 percent. Among African-Americans, Clinton leads with 43 percent while Obama has 30 percent and Edwards 7 percent.
— Christina Bellantoni, Capitol Hill correspondent, The Washington Times SEE RELATED: