The Washington Times - June 28, 2007, 04:18PM
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“VICTORY. 53 No’s. Shamnesty is dead. A stake through the heart…The work of immigration enforcement and border security continues.”
Captain’s Quarters
The problems of immigration did not disappear with the failure of the cloture vote a few moments ago… [Congress] needs to address border security and visa-program problems immediately. Congress has left these problems simmering for over 21 years. Their failure to address the issue over two decades has demonstrated that Washington does not consider those issues a very high priority, and the Senate’s insistence on tying them to normalization underscores that. Poll after poll shows that Americans don’t believe Congress when it says it will do something — and so Congress needs to demonstrate their competence first before we take a flyer on creating another vast bureaucratic nightmare.
Hugh Hewitt
What happened over the past month was the first real skirmish in a civil war for the soul of the Republican Party. You had good guys like Hoekstra, DeMint, Sessions and Vitter doing battle with an exhausted Old Guard (Lott, Voinovich et al.) who have forgotten what their party stands for and who they represent. Happily, the good guys won this round.
— Tarron Lively, reporter, The Washington Times