The Washington Times - March 21, 2007, 03:37PM
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\ Roving Occupation/CD Protests in House Offices to Stop Iraq War Supplemental Focus on Swing Votes/Leaders
\ Wash. DC March 21, 2007
\ Arrests are likely this afternoon as Code Pink and Tina Richards of Grassroots America are leading roving protests all afternoon throughout House Office Buildings. Tina Richards, a Marine Mom whose son is facing his third tour of duty, and other peace advocates are conducting Operation Roving Patrol today in an effort to stop continued funding of the Iraq War. Peace groups oppose the supplemental because it extends the Iraq War and even the August 31, 2008 withdrawal date is rife with loopholes that will allow President Bush to keep as many troops in Iraq as he likes. Further, the failure to prevent funds from being used to conduct a military attack on Iran make an expanded war in the Middle East more likely than withdrawal from Iraq.\ \ News reports yesterday indicate that the Democratic leadership does not yet have the votes to pass this supplemental and are doing their best to convince Members to support the Iraq War funding measure. Tina Richards urges peace advocates to tell Members of Congress that they are being duped by their leadership.
— David Eldridge, managing editor,