The Washington Times - May 21, 2007, 02:03PM
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The left knows this is its best shot, even better than under a Democratic president in 2009. … This is Pelosi’s clean-hands, blame-Bush golden chance at amnesty. It’ll be hard to resist.
UPDATE 8:45 P.M. Bryan Preston of will have video EARLIER: Stephen Dinan/S.A. Miller article “Insider” blog “Immigration debacle” editorial Michelle Malkin is angry with Senate Republicans our interview earlier this month “The O’Reilly Factor” Kate O’Beirne of National Review
“Amnesty” doesn’t accurately describe the generosity of the grand compromise immigration bill. “Christmas” is closer, but not descriptive enough. How about “Amnesty with a $500,000 cash bonus?”
Mary Katharine Ham has details Sen. John McCain
“Maybe some of the emotion will cool off and die down a little bit so we can have a discussion. …\ \ “I understand the frustration and anger that people feel after a generation of a broken system.”
Miss Ham today’s back-and-forth John Hawkins of Right Wing News
These Republicans senators are shaky, scared, and looking for an out. If we continue to bring relentless pressure to bear on them, they’ll find excuses not to support the bill. …\ \ But, if they’re not hearing from their constituents every day, they’ll delude themselves into thinking that the passion behind the issue is starting to drain away. Don’t let that happen!\ \ Pick up that phone, write that email, send that fax — heck, do all three if you’re so inclined.
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Bringing illegals out of the shadows would presumably make them eligible for benefits other citizens enjoy — such as unemployment benefits. This will create a need for a new underclass of illegals that can’t receive such benefits. … My solution would be to get Americans off welfare. Instead, we appear to be headed towards bringing illegals “out of the shadows” and into the bright light of the government dole.
Jammie Wearing Fool: La Shawn Barber the phone numbers of senators who publicly oppose the immigration bill following the issue here here offers his own thought
Okay, I had this thought last night as I was drifting off to sleep. But the Nyquil wore off and I still think it may make sense.\ \ Lots of people think that the immigration bill stinks, and want to punish the GOP by staying home in 2008. Fair enough. But if you plan to punish the GOP in 2008, then you might want to support the immigration bill now. Why? Because if the Democrats win the White House and Congress in 2008, you’ll get a bill that you like a whole lot less! So if you plan to punish the Republicans later, you should encourage them to pass their bill now … .
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Here’s Bush’s own secretary of homeland security displaying raw contempt for the wishes of his party’s base by floating a derisive laugh line that would have fallen flat even on dKos.\
Ace of Spades
As noted city administrator Lando Calrissian said, “This deal keeps getting worse and worse.”
— Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor