The Washington Times - January 17, 2008, 07:17PM
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my On the Edge piece
after dealing with the paparazzi on a daily basis, some of these stars obviously figured out something we bystanders hadn’t fully absorbed — these single-minded photographers are, quite simply, dangerous.\ \ \ Hello? Car chases are dangerous. That’s why police departments — especially in densely populated cities and suburbs — have strict policies for officers governing when such chases are permissible.\ \ \ As superstars like George Clooney and Julia Roberts have tried to tell us recently, what’s at stake here goes far beyond the privacy of a handful of pampered celebs. What’s at stake is public safety: the safety of pedestrians out for a stroll in a residential zone, the safety of children being dropped off or picked up in school zones, the safety of the stars and, yes, the safety of the paparazzi themselves.
writing a few days after me — Kelly Jane Torrance, arts and entertainment writer, The Washington Times