The Washington Times - May 20, 2008, 12:04PM
AN ACTION PLAN FOR HOUSE REPUBLICANS:\ \ BOLD, SIMPLE, AND DIFFERENT THAN THE DEMOCRATS\ \ 1) THE END OF PORK-BARREL SPENDING\ \ House Republicans are committed to ending pork-barrel spending. We will not wait on the Democrat Majority to end \0x201CBridges to Nowhere\0x201D and \0x201CMonuments to Me\0x201D\0x2014we declare an immediate earmark moratorium and pledge to reform the system. We also pledge to uphold any future veto of a non-defense spending bill that is pork laden and does not lead to a balanced budget. \ \ 2) LIMITING WASHINGTON TAXES AND SPENDING TO WHAT MIDDLE CLASS FAMILIES CAN AFFORD\ \ House Republicans are committed to eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax and preventing the scheduled tax increases in 2010 from taking more from the paychecks of hard-working, middle class families. We are also committed to amending the U.S. Constitution to limit the growth of federal spending to the level at which middle class Americans can afford. Except in time of war or national emergency, our spending limit amendment would prohibit federal spending from growing faster than the economy. \ \ 3) A FAIR, SIMPLE TAX CODE THAT AMERICANS CAN UNDERSTAND\ \ House Republicans are committed to ending a tax code that is too long, too complex and too unfair. Specifically, our legislation would provide comprehensive, individual income tax reform by providing individuals an alternative, two-tier flat tax system that can be filed on one page. Taxpayers can choose the new, simplified system or stay with the current tax code\0x2014whichever option suits them.\ \ 4) A FAMILY-FOCUSED, PATIENT-CENTERED HEALTH CARE SYSTEM\ \ House Republicans will reform and improve our current health care system, by 1) providing a refundable health care tax credit to every American to purchase affordable health care coverage, and 2) broadening the array of choice for health insurance plans, by allowing individuals to purchase plans available in other states. These measures will allow Americans who like their current health plan to keep it, while encouraging all individuals to own a personal and portable health insurance policy.\ \ 5) AMERICAN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE THROUGH INCREASED EXPLORATION\ \ House Republicans are committed to increasing American energy supplies to lower prices and reduce dependence on Middle Eastern Oil by allowing energy exploration in Alaska and the Outer Continental Shelf, as well as the development of cleaner coal technologies and alternative fuels. \ \ 6) A LEGAL FRAMEWORK THAT ALLOWS US TO PREVENT TERRORIST ATTACKS\ \ House Republicans are committed to preventing terrorists from attacking America. House Republicans will empower our intelligence agencies to intercept terrorist communications with sources outside of the United States without the lengthy process of getting a warrant that could jeopardize the ability to thwart an attack. \ \ 7) A MORAL APPROACH FOR PARENTS TO PROTECT AND EDUCATE THEIR CHILDREN\ \ House Republicans are committed to supporting parental rights, by 1) ensuring that a child cannot be transported across a state border for an abortion without the consent of a parent or legal guardian, and 2) empowering parents to maintain control over their family\0x2019s personal education decisions.\ \ 8) A WELFARE SAFETY NET THAT FOSTERS MARRIAGE AND WORK\ \ House Republicans are committed to extending many of the current welfare work requirements to other programs\0x2014namely food stamps and housing\0x2014so that those who are not old, young, or disabled are either working in the private sector or serving in their community. Such reforms will ensure a more stable environment for low-income children by encouraging their parents to marry and raise them in two-parent homes.
S.A. Miller, Capitol Hill correspondent, The Washington Times SEE RELATED: