The Washington Times - February 5, 2008, 12:00PM
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\ UPDATE: This is a homecoming of sorts for David Steckel, who spent four years in this town at Ohio State. He said he expects somewhere between 25-30 people in the stands tonight. While it will be a big night for him, he said the trip to Chicago (as a Wisconsin native and Blackhawks fan growing up) next month will be an even bigger deal.\

\ If they stay together for a while and have success, I am sure members of the media will be all over this, but the Caps now have what is certainly the youngest first line in the league with Alex Ovechkin (22), Nicklas Backstrom (20) and Eric Fehr (22). I thought that Fehr might have played on an older line with Hershey, and he was — barely — while skating with Chris Bourque (21) and Jay Beagle (22). Backstrom told me the two guys he played with for Brynas last season were 25 and 35.\

\ When I said to Boudreau that his top line was younger than a lot of top AHL lines, he said, “I hope they don’t play like a top AHL line. No, when I think of Alex I don’t think him as a 22-year-old. I only think of him as the best.”\ — Corey Masisak