The Washington Times - October 15, 2009, 10:50AM

We’re two weeks into the 2009-10 NHL season and we’ve had the first big trade … in the Scribes League, of course. Because of this deal (and it’s a whopper), we’ll break it down and talk to the owners involved instead of dissecting another team roster this week.

Here’s the standings:


Dave Fay Division

Corey Masisak … 48,5 points (Last week: 44.5)

Michael Petre … 47.5 (LW: 33.5)

Ryan O’Halloran … 36 (LW: 39.5)

Stephen Whyno … 27 (LW: 32.5)

Bob Fachet Division

Lacy Lusk … 51 points (LW: 48)

Katie Carerra … 29 (LW: 26.5)

Tarik El-Bashir … 28.5 (LW: 38)

Lindsay Applebaum … 20.5 (LW: 25.5)

Mr. Petre is the big riser this week (more on his team in a second) and Mr. El-Bashir took the biggest dive. Mr. Lusk continues to prove he is a dynasty builder and we’re all chasing him.

Big Trade No. 1

Michael Petre gets Sidney Crosby and Pekka Rinne

Stephen Whyno gets Patrick Marleau, Ryan Kesler and Ryan Miller

Analysis: Crosby and Marleau have both been surprisingly shoot-first this season (both have only one assist). Crosby is going to score 40+ goals if he stays healthy (watch any game involving the Penguins and you’ll hear about his new stick and new score more attitude) but this seems like a bit too much to net him. A lot of it depends on how much better Miller is than Rinne, who was a Calder candidate last year but already lost his job back to Dan Ellis — though both have been shoddy so far this year.

Let’s hear from the owners on why this deal happened:

PETRE: “I saw an opportunity to take advantage of depth I had at goaltender to acquire an impact player. By dealing with a team that is struggling, I think adding Crosby will give me the offense to remain near the top of the league all season.”

WHYNO: “Stuck with the third pick in the draft, I had little choice but to take Sidney Crosby with Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin off the board. But he was never the guy I wanted. Confident with Vinny Lecavalier as my center, but knowing I needed a LOT of help on offense and another goalie, I pulled the trigger. If Patrick Marleau and Ryan Kesler keep up anything close to this scoring pace, it will be a worthwhile deal.”

Unofficially, there are two reasons for this deal — 1) They sit across from each other in the TWT sports department and 2) One of them may or may not have a play on Crosby’s name as part of his team name.