The Washington Times - October 24, 2009, 08:18PM

So Don Cherry had some words about Alex Ovechkin again on Coach’s Corner tonight after he slew-footed Rich Peverley on Thursday. Here’s the transcript:

“Ovechkin - I love you as a guy, I love you as a player, you play my type of game. You take no prisoners, that’s fine. But you’re running out of lives, I’ll tell you right now,” Cherry said. “Watch what you’ve done. Too many times have you hit guys from behind. You won’t fight so guys right now have you on a list. I’m telling you, you better be very careful right now. You’re going to be very, very sorry some day because somebody is going to cut you in half. I hope it doesn’t happen because he’s an exciting player. … When he gets it, it’s going to be a goodie.”


Hope everyone is ready for another rash of Cherry vs. Ovechkin articles/TV hits/etc.