The Washington Times - October 31, 2009, 01:12PM

OK, Bruce Boudreau didn’t want me to tell this story until today, but when I was reading “Gabby: Confessions of a Hockey Lifer” last week, it hit me that I had completely forgotten about a chance encounter I had with one of the book’s key figures.

So here’s the story:


I was walking out of Bell Centre after the second day of the NHL draft last year when I ran into Bruce Boudreau, who had come out of a different exit. We started walking away from the buidling toward our respective hotels when a man approached and Bruce grunted something to the extent of “Oh [crap].”

He shook the guy’s hand, exchanged some pleasantries and introduced me. Then the guy walked away. Pretty mundane, eh?

Then Bruce said, “That was the guy who fired me in Manchester.”

Turns out that Kevin Gilmore is the same Kevin Gilmore who Boudreau works over pretty good in the book. Gilmore was one of a couple of guys who worked for Manchester (he was an assistant GM for L.A. and the Monarchs GM at the time) who Boudreau felt were working against him and wanted him out as Monarchs coach.

After mumbling a few other things that can’t be printed, Boudreau said, “I’m surprised he shook my hand. He won’t want to shake my hand next year after the book comes out.”

After everyone reads the book, I think they will agree with Boudreau.