The Washington Times - October 9, 2009, 11:02AM

OK, I went back and listened to Bruce Boudreau’s post-game press conference after getting home from the Phone Booth last night. It was pretty startling at first to hear Boudreau so animated — it was the first time he really snapped at a reporter like that.

Upon listening to it again, the thing I took away was Boudreau was pretty calm at the beginning. He got more upset as the questions went along, which makes me believe that it wasn’t one of those staged, “I’m going to rip everybody and send a message” tantrums that some other coaches are known for.


One of Boudreau’s most endearing qualities is his honesty, especially after games. He’s more likely to be honest, postitive or negative, than most coaches.

Now, was it a little early in the season to be calling out just about every guy on the team? That remains to be seen.