The Washington Times - January 18, 2009, 06:51PM

January is one of the coldest months of the year for Washington, D.C., and for visitors from the West coast or Southern states, the weather may take a little getting used to the next days ahead.

A CNN meterologist tells viewers Jan. 19 is the best day for inaugural weather so far because temperatures are expected to dip a few degrees tomorrow and Tuesday. Guests heading out to the Capitol in the early morning hours Jan. 20 will need to bundle up. Tuesday, 6 a.m. will feel like 11 degrees, according to the latest forecast on The Weather Channel‘s Web site. 


The Center for Disease Control has plenty of information on frost-bite prevention, and The American College of Sports Medicine recommends if you go outside, limit the amount of time spent, and do the following: layer clothing, cover your head and mouth, stay dry, drink plenty of non-alcoholic and caffenie-free fluids.

Visitors going to the opening ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial found it appropriate to buy hand and foot warmers.  Downtown street vendors on 17th street Northwest, and at the National Mall were selling two packs for five dollars today.

On a different note, many people try to think “warm thoughts”, drink hot beverages and just keep moving.



— Kimberly Kweder, online editor, The Washington Times