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Only at The Washington Times: Reporters discuss the latest news on the 2009 Presidential Inauguration and President Obama.

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National Park Service issues official crowd estimate

The National Park Service says it will not contest an estimate of the crowd at the National Mall on Inauguration Day to be a record 1.8 million, and says it will use that figure when referring to the inauguration in the future.

Obamas party with Delaware crowd

The Biden home state ball was a much less glamorous affair than the Neighborhood Ball, with a cover band to warm things up for the Obamas, playing "Love Shack."

Some like it hot

There are 10 hot tickets in town tonight for sure, but anyone who likes hip-hop was cramming into the Youth Ball for a chance to see Kanye West.

There's rhythm to Obama's speeches

Barack Obama's speeches have a rhythm and lilt that are part of their appeal; he has made inspired use of quotes from the Bible to Abraham Lincoln to John F. Kennedy.