The Washington Times - January 18, 2009, 02:38PM

The taxi queue at Union Station got longer and longer Sunday as more trains arrived, but people were in good spirits despite the wait. Some had stopped in the station after arriving and were carrying cups of coffee during their wait.

One of the two taxi attendants working to get people in cabs and send them on their way asked each driver if he would take a passenger to Upper Marlboro. He had little luck, but the woman had a book to read as she waited — to accompany her expression of dismay.


There was a moment of confusion between a driver and the attendant, who thought the driver said he did not know where Arlington is. It turned out that the driver was asking if there were any more passengers for his run to Arlington.

Said another taxi driver about the long line of would-be passengers: “This is beautiful. Maybe we can make some money this week. December was terrible.”

— Richard Slusser, assistant features editor