The Washington Times - January 19, 2009, 11:37AM

Those of you who weren’t lucky enough to score tickets to one of the A-list inaugural balls Tuesday but are still craving that celebrity fix: You’re in luck. Well, sort of.

MySpace Celebrity Monday morning unveiled the Presidential Pledge, a series of videos featuring dozens of stars pledging their service to President-elect Barack Obama ahead of Tuesday’s swearing-in ceremony. Produced by Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst Media and directed by Demi Moore, the project includes pledges from more than 50 famous personalities, including: Aaron Eckhart, Eva Longoria, Michael Strahan, Eva Mendes, Sean P. “Diddy” Combs and Nicole Richie, to name a few.

“They say that the job of the president is the loneliest job in the world,” begins the four-minute introductory video at, quoting former President Harry S. Truman. “We’d like you to know you’re not alone.”

The montage showcases promises from dozens of celebrity participants, ranging from “to be a great mother” or “to plant 500 trees” to more humorous pledges, such as “to never give anyone the finger when I’m driving again” (director Joel Schumacher) and “to meet my neighbors” (actor Ioan Gruffudd).

MySpace are invited film and upload their own video pledges.

— Kara Rowland, congressional reporter