The Washington Times - January 20, 2009, 10:39AM

Joe Biden is known to most as the incoming vice president, but the former Delaware senator has another descriptor he can be proud of:  “the world’s most famous teeth.”

Trident gum is celebrating Mr. Biden’s teeth by giving free packs of gum to every American who uploads his or her pearly whites to

“We thought the inauguration would be the perfect time to get behind something we believe in,” says Josette Barenholtz, Trident marketing director.

Visitors to the Web site are greeted with the grinning face of the new vice president, along with the banner, “Joe Biden’s Teeth — Teeth You Can Believe In.”

A Google map displays pictures submitted by users across the nation. No word on whether photos in which people are smiling with their mouths closed — like Jennifer of San Antonio — will receive the free pack of gum or not.

— Kara Rowland, Capitol Hill reporter