The Washington Times - June 21, 2011, 01:14PM

Rep. Michele Bachmann apparently is turning north for economic inspiration to that great land of freedom — Canada.

In a Twitter posting Monday, the outspoken Minnesota Republican and presidential hopeful suggested the United States could learn a lot from the economic policies of its neighbor to the north.


“Lesson in economic recovery: Consider Canada. No stimulus & unemployment is 20% lower than US,” the Bachmann camp wrote, taking a swipe at the $830 billion stimulus package that the Democratic-controlled Congress passed and President Obama signed into law in 2009. Canadian officials did try to stimulate the economy, but at a far lower level than that tried by the Obama administration.

The tweet directs viewers to a chart on a June 16 post from John Lott, where the economist and conservative political commentator compared the Canadian and U.S. unemployment rates during the recession and recovery.

Mr. Lott also points out that the president’s stimulus package was three times bigger than Canada’s on a per capita basis and that “Obama raised marginal income tax rates while Canada has cut marginal tax rates.”

In the post, the Bachmann camp doesn’t mention anything about using Canada as a model for some of America’s other problems, including the rising cost of health care.