The Washington Times - June 9, 2011, 03:25PM

An Ohio restaurant that President Obama touted last week as having benefited from his expansion of the auto industry bailout is going out of business after 70 years of serving residents in Toledo.

The owner of Chet’s told the local newspaper the eatery will shut its doors for good Sunday due to the slumping economy and a smoking ban.


Mr. Obama had cited Chet’s in a recent speech to Chrysler workers, arguing that his administration’s decision to double down on the taxpayer bailout of GM and Chrysler not only helped the U.S. automakers but surrounding businesses.

“This plant indirectly supports hundreds of other jobs right here in Toledo,” he said in remarks at a Toledo Wrangler plant last Friday. “After all, without you, who’d eat at Chet’s or Inky’s or Rudy’s?”

Co-owner Richard Lawrence told the Toledo Blade there wasn’t enough business to sustain a cooking staff. Chet’s dates back to 1939.

Mr. Lawrence said it was “busier than heck” during Mr. Obama’s visit, however.

The president grabbed a bite locally but not at Chet’s. Instead, he opted for a chili dog at Rudy’s Hot Dog.