The Washington Times - October 28, 2011, 11:23AM

Looking for a Halloween costume for trick-or-treating?

The Democratic Party of New Hampshire has an idea: Go as GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney, though they caution that the “hardest part will be choosing which Mitt you want to be.”


“There’s Unemployed Mitt, Millionaire Mitt, Middle-Class Mitt, Mean Mitt and Career Politician Mitt,” Holly Shulman, the state party spokesman said, taking aim at what Romney critics see as some of his changing political stances on the campaign trail. ” Collect them all, but no matter which Mitt Romney you choose, you’ll stand up for the super-wealthy over middle-class Americans, and your positions are bound to change as quickly as the New England weather (note: it snowed yesterday).”

The comments aim to reinforce the former Massachusetts governor’s image as a flip-flopper on the issues — a line of attack that rival Texas Gov. Rick Perry has seized on in recent days in an attempt to slow Mr. Romney’s momentum in the polls.