The Washington Times - December 8, 2012, 04:46PM

With just 23 days until the so-called “fiscal cliff” kicks in, Sen. Harry Reid was planning to take a break Saturday night with something less confrontational than the ongoing grappling with Republicans: the Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez welterweight fight.

The fourth meeting between the two legendery boxers – tonight in Las Vega – has captured the sporting world’s attention this week, and Sen. Reid, Nevada Democrat, said he plans to stay up late to catch the fight.


“I wish I could be in Las Vegas to watch them,” Mr. Reid said. “It’s so good for Las Vegas. People will be coming from all over the world to watch this fight,” the Senate majority leader said in a video his office posted online Saturday.

“Two warriors are going to step into that ring. It’s going to be an eventful night for all of us,” he said.

Mr. Reid, a former boxer himself, wasn’t the only one Democrat taking time off on Saturday: President Obama took advantage of another unusually mild December day in Washington to get in another round of gold at Andrews Air Force Base.