The Washington Times - January 11, 2012, 04:09PM

Mitt Romney, like many Republicans, has mocked President Obama’s use of a teleprompter, suggesting it speaks to the overall ineptitude of the commander-in-chief.

But there he was at his victory speech Tuesday — possibly one of the biggest speeches of his life — reading from a pair of teleprompters.


The two clear screens were hard to miss in front of the stage. They stood tall, well above the heads of the crowd that gathered on the floor of the Southern New Hampshire University dining hall to listen to the former governor’s speech, which ended up being very well received.

Mr. Romney has dinged the president for using a teleprompter in the past. In 2008, he told Glenn Beck that Mr. Obama “speaks well” and “reads the teleprompter well.”

The Washington Post reported that after delivering remarks during a town hall meeting in Florida in October, a woman lauded Mr. Romney: “You did all of this without a teleprompter. Good job!”

“You didn’t see the teleprompter?” Mr. Romney replied. “It’s in my watch, actually. I just look down.”

Newt Gingrich, though, has perhaps had the most fun ridiculing Mr. Obama in his stump speeches, where he vows to challenge the president to seven “Lincoln-Douglas” style debates. “If he wants to use a teleprompter, that would be fine with me,” Mr. Gingrich has said. “It has to be fair. If you had to defend ObamaCare, wouldn’t you want a teleprompter?”

Asked about Mr. Romney’s use of the teleprompters during his victory speech on Tuesday, the campaign did not respond.

Yahoo News, meanwhile, reported last week that Mr. Romney also planned to use a teleprompter for his victory speech in Iowa, but those plans were thrown off because the race was too close to call at the time, forcing him to resort to a version of his familiar stump speech.