The Washington Times - June 7, 2012, 12:42PM

More than two-thirds of Americans hope the Supreme Court justices will overturn some or all of President Obama’s health care overhaul when they announce their decision later this month, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll released Thursday morning.

Forty-one percent of respondents said they want the court to undo the entire law, while another 27 percent said it should strike the individual mandate to buy health insurance but leave the rest of the law intact.


The poll showed little change in public opinion since March, when the court considered constitutional challenges to the law in a marathon week of hearings.

Its decision is sure to color the presidential race as Americans remain sharply divided over the health care law, largely along party lines.

The law is also unpopular among independent voters, with nearly three-fourths saying they hope the court overturns at least some of it, while 20 percent said all of it should be upheld.