The Washington Times - November 17, 2012, 04:00AM

Pundits and commentators had a field day Friday after news came out that Hostess — the company that makes Twinkies, Wonderbread, Ring Dings and Drake’s Coffee Cakes — was going out of business in the wake of a labor union dispute.

But New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — who often remarks self-effacingly about his weight and is no stranger to taking on unions himself — wasn’t exactly sweet on a reporter’s attempted question about Twinkies.


“Really, seriously, you’re not asking me about Hostess Twinkies, are you?” Mr. Christie said. “I’m on ‘Saturday Night Live’ enough — you think you’re getting me behind this microphone having me talk about Twinkies? This is a set-up, man. I know it. You people are the worst — this is a set-up. I am not answering questions on Twinkies. … It’s bad that I even said the word ‘Twinkie’ from behind this microphone. You’re not getting me to do that — no way.”

“Don’t go to Devil Dogs,” he then warned a reporter. “Don’t try it.”

Mr. Christie couldn’t have been too offended by the attempt — video of the incident was soon uploaded to the Republican governor’s official Youtube channel.