The Washington Times - November 4, 2012, 06:40PM

Stevie Wonder gave a surprise mini-concert full of big political messages when warming up the Sunday night crowd before President Obama delivered remarks in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Motown legend interspersed the repeated line from his hit “Sir Duke” — “You can feel it all over” — with Mr. Obama’s slogan of “fired up, and ready to go” as the crowd chimed in.


Before launching into his first song, the blind musician offered up a self-deprecating joke — that he’s never really seen either candidate, so his support for Mr. Obama “is not about skin color.”

Without mentioning Mr. Obama’s GOP rival by name, he also skewered Mitt Romney’s caught-on-video remarks about writing off 47 percent of the electorate who are dependent on the government and will vote for Mr. Obama.

“When I hear someone talking about the 47 percent that don’t matter, that’s unacceptable,” he said. “I think it’s time for us to truly come together and make a difference. Talking about the hurricane, I was saying to someone people talk about money and possessions and those kinds of things, and Mother Nature can knock it out in two minutes. When that happened, we all feel pain for them.”

“It’s the earth … giving every single person in America a wake-up call,” Mr. Wonder concluded.

Mr. Wonder also echoed a standard line from Mr. Obama’s stump speech — that men have no business trying to control women’s health-care decisions.

“Men are making such an issue about the woman’s body, when the reality is: I know and all of us men know that if women were making decisions about our bodies, we wouldn’t like it. Is this too real or can you handle it?” he said.