The Washington Times - September 12, 2012, 01:32PM

Navy Times is reporting that the backdrop photo of warships behind some of the speakers at Democrats’ nominating convention last week actually showed Russian ships, not American ones.

The ships appeared in the backdrop for several speakers, including retired Admiral John B. Nathman and Sen. John Kerry, a former Navy officer during the Vietnam War.


Navy Times was tipped off by a former electronics warfare technician who told the paper he learned how to visually identify ships from their radars. The image showed four ships stretched out across the water, with the ship in the lower righthand corner in the foreground. About a half-dozen jets — apparently U.S. F-5s, according to the paper — are shown flying above the ships.

At least part of the image, including the foreground ship and the jets — was the backdrop for a heated speech by Mr. Kerry, Democrats’ 2004 presidential nominee and now chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who questioned Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s credentials to serve as commander in chief.

The full image also served as backing during Adm. Nathman’s speech, when he was joined by several dozen veterans as he talked about his 37 years as a fighter pilot, commander of Naval Air Forces and vice chief of the Navy.

He praised President Obama for expanding health care for veterans and working to try to ensure they have job options when they return from war.

“It’s not just about finding new jobs,” he said. “It’s about giving these men and women the chance to learn the skills for the jobs tomorrow. That’s why I’m proud that the president is offering veterans the best education benefits since the original GI Bill.”