The Washington Times - April 8, 2013, 09:25AM

As her mother’s political machine gears up for a potential 2016 presidential run, Chelsea Clinton says politics could be in her future, too.

“Right now, I’m grateful to live in a city, a state and a country where I strongly support my mayor, my governor, my president and my senators and my representative. If at some point that weren’t true and I thought I could make a meaningful and measurably greater impact, I’d have to ask and answer that question,” she said in an interview with NBC’s “Today Show” that aired on Monday. She is also a special correspondent for NBC News.


As the daughter of two of the most recognizable and influential Democrats in recent history, Chelsea Clinton clearly has politics in her blood.

But right now, it’s her mother’s future that’s in the spotlight. Former secretary of state and presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton is being lobbied by supporters to run again in 2016, as President Obama’s second term is ending.

Pro-Hillary websites already have been set up. “Hillary 2016” T-shirts already are for sale. Many observers consider it a foregone conclusion that she’ll enter the 2016 cycle as the odds-on favorite to take the Democratic nomination.

If Chelsea has an inkling of her mother’s plans, she didn’t reveal it during her “Today Show” interview.

“I deeply respect and appreciate all of the admiration and respect and gratitude for my mother’s service. As a daughter, I very much want her to make the right choice for herself, and I know that will be the right choice for our country, and I’ll support her in whatever she chooses to do,” she said.