The Washington Times - June 14, 2013, 09:20AM

Former President Bill Clinton said reports the United States will intervene in the Syrian conflict, based on evidence the regime used chemical weapons against the rebels, show the debate over American involvement “is trending in the right direction now.”

Mr. Clinton, a Democrat, recently said the conflict is clearly an external as well as internal fight, with the Iran and the Hezbollah group from Lebanon offering support for Syrian President Bashar Assad. He also said the United States should support the rebel groups more vigorously.

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“And the White House announced that they intend to do that,” he told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” downplaying reports that he had criticized President Obama’s position on Syria.

Mr. Clinton said Mr. Obama had the right to weigh his options and be briefed on new findings that Assad’s regime used sarin gas on the rebels before announcing his plans.

“There’s some logistical complications, as you might imagine, in getting more support in to [the rebels], and he wants to talk to our allies and see whether they can help on that. … It looks to me this thing is trending in the right direction now,” Mr. Clinton told the program.

The former president said the Obama administration will tread cautiously, gathering support while declining to reveal their tactics.

“Let’s see what happens, but I do understand why they don’t want to talk in a lot of detail about whatever they decide to do,” he told MSNBC.