The Washington Times - May 15, 2013, 07:33AM

Ask and ye shall receive votes — just not very many of them.

A North Miami mayoral candidate who repeatedly claimed to be “endorsed by Jesus Christ” saw her political hopes crash back down to earth on Tuesday night as she finished last in a seven-person race.


Anna Pierre, a registered nurse, got 56 votes, less than 1 percent of all ballots cast.

Former mayor Kevin Burns received 2,254, the most of any candidate, according to NBC. He’ll go on to a run-off election against Lucie Tondreau, who came in second with 1,870 votes.

If nothing else, Ms. Pierre most certainly ran a campaign unlike any other. She sent out campaign mailers featuring a large picture of Jesus, and including the words “Anna Pierre, RN, is Endorsed By Jesus Christ.”

At a campaign stop Tuesday morning as the polls opened, she repeated her claim that a Higher Power was in her corner.

“Yes, Jesus endorsed me,” Ms. Pierre said, according to NBC. “I’m not nuts, if I’m a freak and nuts for Jesus, let it be! Let the world know that Jesus is it, and when you have Jesus on your side you can go on.”