The Washington Times - November 7, 2013, 07:19AM

Former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers said the GOP could learn a thing from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who swept to re-election this week as a Republican in a traditionally blue state.

And yet some Republicans are piling on criticism shortly after his big victory. Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, complained in a hearing that Mr. Christie’s face was on “Stronger than the Storm” ads in New Jersey to tout Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts during election season, according to a clip played by MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”


They do that, Ms. Myers said, because Mr. Christie’s landslide win “undermines the theory of their case.”

That theory is that reaching across the political aisle is a bad thing, yet Mr. Christie made convincing attempts to reach out to Democrats, minorities and other groups, Ms. Myers said.

“It’s textbook what the Republican Party should be doing,” she said.