The Washington Times - October 11, 2013, 07:35AM

A new poll says the political stalemate on Capitol Hill has tarnished the Republican Party’s reputation, with the public blaming the GOP more for the shutdown than President Obama by a 22-point margin.

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that only 24 percent of respondents have a favorable opinion of the party, and only 21 percent view the tea party favorably — both of which are all-time lows.


Democrats saw a 36-percent favorability rating, while Mr. Obama’s favorability ticked up by 2 points from last month to 47 percent.

Freshman Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, chalked up a 14 percent favorability rating, with 28 percent seeing him unfavorably.

Mr. Cruz, an outspoken conservative, led the charge to defund Obamacare ahead of the spending standoff that led to the government shutdown.

Conservatives have lauded him for standing firm against the health care law, but some Republicans have questioned whether he led the party down an unsustainable path, with no clear strategy to take down the health care law in the face of Mr. Obama and a Democrat-led Senate.