The Washington Times - October 14, 2013, 11:56AM

Wyoming GOP Sen. John Barrasso said Monday he is optimistic that Capitol Hill will reach a deal to end the government shutdown, but accused Democratic “spendaholics” of grasping for “another new credit card” without any limits on how they spend the nation’s money.

Mr. Barrasso told Fox News that the American people do not want Democrats to rack up more bills without a credible solution to deal with the federal debt.


His comments come as negotiations hinge on whether Democrats accept a plan that extends the nation’s borrowing authority for a few months while rolling back a medical-device tax tied to President Obama’s health care law, or if they push to roll back so-called sequester cuts that Republicans want to keep.

Either way, both sides say they think lawmakers will forge a deal by Thursday, the Treasury-designated deadline for raising the debt limit so the nation’s does not risk default.

“It’s important that we stop this shutdown, that we get the government open, that we get people back to work,” Mr.Barrasso told Fox News.