The Washington Times - January 14, 2014, 08:54AM

Sen. Ted Cruz, an outspoken freshman who may launch a 2016 presidential bid, is planning to renounce his Canadian citizenship soon, his office said

Mr. Cruz, 43, has lawyers prepping the paperwork to get it done, his office told The Associated Press, after lawyers in Canada said it was a relatively simply process and questioned what was taking so long.

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The senator told the Dallas Morning News last year that he would renounce his Canadian citizenship after he learned that it was automatically bestowed on him at birth and did not require affirmative action to claim it, as he had thought, AP reported.

Where a presidential hopeful was born is a high-profile issue these days.

President Barack Obama was compelled to release his birth certificate from Hawaii after “birthers” claimed he was born in Kenya or elsewhere and not eligible to take the White House.

A U.S. president must be a “natural born citizen” of the country, but many scholars say children of U.S. parents who are born overseas should qualify for the office.

Mr. Cruz was born in Calgary in 1970, while his Cuban-born father and Delaware-born mother were working in the oil business.