The Washington Times - January 16, 2014, 11:16AM

Like a frustrated teenager who’s not allowed to drive, Vice President Joseph R. Biden said Thursday he owns a sports car that he can only rev up in his driveway.

Speaking at the annual North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Mr. Biden said he has a rebuilt 1967 Corvette that he’s unable to drive due to his current job. But he told the audience he recently got behind the wheel at his home in Delaware and tested the patience of his Secret Service detail.


“I started it up and … hear that gurgling sound,” Mr. Biden said. “And so finally, I pull it out of the driveway. I have a long driveway where I live. And I said to the chief agent … ‘Look, either get in the passenger seat with me or shoot me because I’m moving.’”

The vice president went on, to laughter: “I laid about 60 feet of rubber up my driveway. These guys [agents] are still talking about what the hell’s the matter with that guy. I shouldn’t be saying this, probably…”

He said the Corvette can accelerate from “zero to 60 in 5.5 seconds,” although he himself hasn’t driven it that fast.