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Boehner: Grover Norquist just a 'random' guy

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist is praised by some as a hero of fiscal conservatism and vilified by others as an unreasonable ideologue who wields unhealthy power within the GOP. But to House Speaker John A. Boehner, the anti-tax advocate is just a "random American."

At Capitol, Cain goes silent on harassment questions

After a two-day blitz of awkward interviews, partial explanations and sometimes contradictory answers, Herman Cain employed a new strategy Wednesday when questioned about allegations that two employees accused him of sexual harassment in the 1990s: No comment.

Report: Cain voted for Clinton

A new report claims that Republican presidential contender Herman Cain voted for Democrat Bill Clinton for president in his first run, as well as for two Nebraska Democratic candidates in the past.

Don't distract Harry

A Senate staffer came in for a scolding from the chamber's top lawmaker Monday when Majority Leader Harry Reid, in the middle of bashing his Republican colleagues, found himself distracted. The culprit was one of the Senate parliamentarians, who sits in a prominent seat on the lower level of the Senate dais, just beneath the presiding officer and in between him and Mr. Reid.

Herman Cain tops Perry — in Texas

A surging Herman Cain has a slim lead in Republican presidential primary polling in Texas — topping even Gov. Rick Perry, who happens to also be running for the nomination, according to a University of Texas at Austin/Texas Tribune poll.